Review was founded back in 2012 and has become one of the most well known and most trusted advertising networks around the world today.

They’re actually one of the top 3 biggest global ad networks today. And in case you never knew, was purchased for $900,000,000 recently by Miteno corporation which made it the 3rd largest AdTech acquisition deal ever.

A true testament to how important an ad network is and they’ve had a lot of success with their publishers and advertisers over the years that have gone by.

Publisher Benefits

If you’re a digital publisher in 2017+, then you’ll have to be sure that you’re using an ad network that is capable of bringing you a unique source of traffic that’s right for your site and business. That’s where excel as they are powered exclusively by Yahoo’s and Bing’s network. That brings you the direct demand you won’t be able to find elsewhere! have well over 1000 employees that work for them globally, that makes them a powerhouse for marketers and publishers that are mainly focused on the US and UK marketplace. In fact, your website has to be in English to even be a publisher. And you can expect to receive benefits that come from a 100% fill rate for the ads you have in your inventory with them.

The system automatically optimizes your ads based on the Yahoo and Bing network of thousands of advertisers within a real-time bidding system that maximizes your revenue on each and every single ad impression you generate. No other ad network does this as no other ad network is powered exclusively by the Yahoo and Bing ad network.

Dedicated Account Management have a 1st class account management team and offer support for using all areas of their site. From our own personal experience with using their site, most of our questions and queries were adequately dealt with in less than 24 hours or less.

Native Ads

Obviously, you want ads that will blend in with your site and not stick out like a sore thumb and negatively affecting and impacting your users experience on your site. Fortunately, have quality fully customizable ads that you can make blend into your site perfectly.

Other Network Friendly

Whether you want to use as your main number #1 ad income, or as a supplementary one, have been known to perform well when used in conjunction and alongside other ads such as with Adsense. In fact, it’s for this reason they are known as the number 1 best Adsense alternative simply through how well they perform.

Good Mobile Performance

Sometimes, an ad network can have low CPM for your mobile traffic, but that’s not what you’ll find with Apart from being able to turn on mobile ads seamlessly from the ad management UI they provide you with, you can monetize all your mobile traffic across a range of devices that visit your site.

Lucrative Ad Units offer several lucrative ad units including;

  • Highly contextual ads.
  • Mobile docked units.
  • In-content ads.
  • Display ads for all IAB sizes.
  • Desktop Interstitial Ads.

Advertiser Benefit’s network has over 150+ million searchers in the US alone that historically spend up to 25% more than ordinary searchers. All of this can be accessed through whichever of your preferred ad exchange or DSP you want to use. This gives you the highest quality inventory from some of the biggest and most well-known publishers including Forbes, Yahoo!, Reuters, Cosmo, Esquire, Fixya and many more.

Textual Advertising

Textual ads have had a great performing history when it comes to digital advertising and marketing and the Yahoo! and Bing network has a great track record for both publishers and advertisers around the world. You can either use the self-serving platform to create and fully customize those text ad units within a minute or too nice and quick and easy.

Display Advertising

?If you’re a publisher for you can rotate those standard IAB banner ads along with your customized text ads too. They make use of real time bidding technology which works in real time to produce the best possible ROI on every impression your ads get. They are also optimized for speed and spending for advertisers.

Conclusion isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill ad network today. They are not only backed up by some big names in the digital advertising industry but also have great support and truly care about their publishers and advertisers. An ad network that won’t disappoint you!

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