Propeller Ads Review

In the online advertising world, Google Adsense is known to be the best ad network when it comes to what your CPC will be. However, Adsense now has a lot of competition since there are many new Adsense alternatives popping up that give publishers better CPC rates and better revenue.

One of the better Adsense alternatives is Propeller Ads that give publishers the chance to earn better money by just putting their ads on their site. And although Propeller Ads is a UK based ad network, they still cater for publishers who have traffic in most countries like UK, US and Canada etc.

Now obviously, traffic from countries like the US, the UK and Canada, Australia etc will earn you better CPC and CPM rates, so if you have a website that gets traffic mostly from these countries then your earnings will be a lot more than those sites that get traffic from other, 3rd world countries.

Propeller Ads was started back in 2011 to provide ads for their publishers’ sites that are based on the audience of their sites. And you’ll be the one that’s earning money from Propeller Ads if you have a site that is acceptable to be used on their platform in any of the 1st world countries.

If you’re a bit confused over what CPM is we’ll explain it to you. And this is important to know because Propeller Ads is mainly a CPM network. CPM = Cost Per Mile (or Cost Per Thousand). It’s the revenue that you can earn as a publisher for generating 1000 views on the ads displayed on your site.

With most CPM ad networks, for every 1000 views, your ads generate you would earn a certain amount. This can vary from $1 to $4 depending on the ad network you’re using and the source of traffic that generated those views.

And the amount of views your ads generate will largely determine that amount of money you earn for each 1000 CPM. While that might mean you have to generate those views, it also means you still get paid even if you don’t get any clicks on those ads.

For this reason, most people prefer to use CPM ad networks over CPC ad networks such as Google Adsense. For the owners of websites that generate millions of views every month, this can add up to huge earnings for you through such a CPM ad network like Propeller Ads. The more visitors and page views your site generates, the more your CPM earnings with Propellor Ads will be.

That all said, let’s look at some of the features of Propeller Ads from ads, requirements to earnings and payment features.

Propeller Ads Ad Formats

Propeller Ads gives advertisers like business owners, organizations, schools or any website owner the chance to advertise their products and or services on other websites that are signed up as publishers with Propeller Ads on their own sites.

And it doesn’t really matter what or who your targeted audience is, as Propeller Ads have an inventory of thousands of websites letting you reach your audience fast and easy through their simple to use website and control panel.

Propeller Ads ads come in many different shapes and sizes and Propeller Ads ads are one of the reasons why they outshine other ad networks simply through how many different types of ads that people can select from to put on their site.

You will find ads that come in the form of;

– Mobile Interstitial Ads
– Mobile Dialog Ads
– Mobile Ads
– OnClick PopUnder
– Direct links
– Banners
– Sliding banners
– Pop-under
– Banner ads.

Also, each of the banner ads they have come in different sizes of;

– 300×250
– 728×90
– 468×60
– 120×600
– 160×600
– 800×600
– 800×440
– 320×50

And many other sizes too.

Publisher Requirements

Before you can be accepted by Propeller Ads as a publisher, you will have to have certain things in place first. Mostly everyone is accepted to use their ad platform as a publisher, even if you have a site that has very little traffic. However, sites with more traffic will get better CPM rates overall.

The types of sites that get the best CPM rates with Propeller Ads are entertainment sites. Sites that publish and share viral content like music and movies, games, photos, apps and downloads etc. These sites do get the best CPM but they also accept sites in other industries too.

As a brief overview of what publishers are required to have to be able to join Propeller Ads are;

Traffic: No minimum requirements.
Language: All languages accepted.
Websites: all websites accepted except adult (porn) sites.

To register with Propeller Ads is very quick and easy. After you’re registered, you’ll need to tell them your website that you wish to place ads on. And there will be a short approval period while they manually check it. After a couple hours though you should be approved and good to go.

Remember, Propeller Ads accept most websites regardless to the industry they are in provided it doesn’t violate their T’s and C’s!

Earnings and Payments

Propeller Ads is a great ad platform for certain websites like forums and blogs and file sharing and file downloading sites. Their ads even perform well on websites that have low amounts of traffic/page views/visits etc. However, the more traffic you get the better with Propeller Ads.

You will find everything you need to know about your account on your dashboard which is laid out so that it’s simple to use and understand. And they have a unique reporting system that is quick to load, simple and easy to understand and use that displays all of your earnings.

The reporting system is tab based so you can switch between viewing your daily, weekly or monthly earnings etc. But payments wise, Propeller Ads offer a good selection of payment methods including some of the most popular. Propeller Ads supports the following payment methods:

  • Wire Transfer
  • Payoneer
  • Webmoney
  • Prepaid Cards

On top of these 4 methods, Propeller Ads also offer the following payment methods provided you meet the criteria.

  • $500 for Wire Transfers
  • $100 for all payment methods based on a NET 30 terms.

Propeller Ads Publisher Tips

You don’t have to use Propeller Ads on your site only and can use them in conjunction and alongside other ad and affiliate network ads.
You can get a lot of help and support from their customer support team by email or on Skype if you’re a new publisher/advertiser.
Propeller Ads might not be the best choice for you if your traffic quality is poor since the earnings will be quite low.


Propeller Ads have a great ad network, a great support team and a website that makes them very easy to use. They don’t have great CPM rates for sites that have low or poor quality traffic. But for those sites that do have a lot of high quality traffic, the earnings are too much to pass up on!

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